Reflecting on how the Metaverse can either supplement or replace reality, simulation theory, evolution of humans, and the decisions each of us will have to make as the Metaverse unfolds.
Reflecting on how to access the mind using the body, your responsibility for your body, and who has the power to make decisions about our bodies.
Reflecting on what the true joy of a goal is, what to do when you are not reaching goals fast enough, goals in finite vs infinite games, and how to…
Reflecting on marriage as a contract, whether love should be a part of this contract, what other types of marriage exist, and if monogamy is the best…
How to test, fail, learn, and test again
30 people today, 100 million tomorrow, 1 billion people 400 years from now...
How to validate a startup idea: 3 tests for validation
How to create a business plan without an MBA or business experience
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